30 March 2010

Slinkachu...I choose You!!!

Today I posted on Twitter: 

<3 Slinkachu

In case you were wondering WTF is Slinkachu well, he´s not a Pokémon. He is a British artist who creates small street based installations with miniature people and photographs them. I´ve been a fan for a long time now.

Tiny & Cute
(like me!)
<3 Slinkachu

26 March 2010


Kordian Lewandowski made this geek version of "La Pietà" using our favourite Nintendo Characters

Game Over 


Today, as I was buying my new CDG Converse because they ran out of small sizes here according to a friend of mine.... I got stuck in the "I <3 SHOES" mode and when I found myself staring (literally) at this pair of pumps I realized Madonna was right when she said "SHOES ARE BETTER THAN SEX".

Christian Louboutin 
Bianca Sling Back Pumps

I´m pretty sure I like them coz they remind me of those Balenciaga Lego Shoes I never bought.

25 March 2010


A friend of mine (Chris Savides) who works as a designer at NAG Magazine draw some zombies, and since I´m a big fan of Zombies he sent me 3 of his "sexy sort of creepy" zombies for my wall.

Here´s one of the drawings I got :

Chris is very talented, hope I get to see him and kick his ass in some video game soon!


My last entry..15/Nov/09 ???....Gosh! I need to post things here.. at least I can use more than 140 characters.
I´ll write something later today, a lot of interesting things have happened recently.

"Not that anyone cares"
(The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Ep.3)