24 April 2010

My name is Alfie (Part 2)

When I was a boy at St. Alban's Secondary School,

the school took us on this cultural trip

to observe art at one of the...

One of those big famous London museums.

Anyway, when I was there,

I came across this statue of a Greek goddess in marble.

Aphrodi... Aphrodite, something like that.

Beautiful, she was.

Perfect female form.

Chiselled features.


I stood in awe of her.

Finally, the teacher calls us all over, and I'm walking past it,

on the way I notice, in the side of this Greek goddess,

all these cracks, chips, imperfections.

Ruined her for me.

Well, that's Nikki.

A beautiful sculpture...


...in a way you don't notice till you get too close.

Piece of Me

My name is Alfie (Part 1)

The package was irresistible.

A showstopper with a new-school brand of sexiness.

Who wouldn't get off on the way she makes heads turn?

Plus, we have so much in common.

- She's sweet, fun, original, exciting, -

Full of surprises.

Oh, and did I mention, she makes a cracking good bed.

I began to wonder,

could this be the one...

...who finally holds my attention?

10 April 2010


I know there are people out there who haven´t seen this amazing Short film by Monica Ortega who BTW is my best friend in the world. And now I´m going to share it with you.


"The character’s escape to liberty is shown in a delicate cinematographic language in which photography and sound design as well as the use of two animation techniques; digital and stop motion."

"Regina is a marionette that dreams about her happiness and freedom"

This short film won the Award for Best Guanajuato Short at the EXPRESION EN CORTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL